A practical guide for safeguarding your family.

    How the forbidden fruit of the modern-day tree of knowledge is destroying our relationships.

    An introduction for engaged/married Catholic-Christian lovers.


1. "Internet Awareness for Parents"
A practical guide for safeguarding your family.

The most practical and simplest Internet Safety Resource Book and DVD available.
For parents, educators, counsellors, and any others who care about children's safety while on-line.
  • Gives simple, clear information on the potential dangers of the Internet
  • Includes practical steps to be taken to protect children
  • Explains how to monitor and supervise your children's Internet activities
  • Explains how to check for and remove any harmful web sites that have been visited
  • Explains steps that can be taken to limit or prevent exposure to predators, pornography, bullies, etc.
  • Provides powerful visual images and on-screen step-by-step illustrations and examples

The Need: Your children, if they use the Internet, have been or will be exposed to:
  • Inappropriate on-line content - pornography, violent or hateful messages, sexual or threatening e-mails, etc.
  • approaches from predators or pedophiles
  • cyber-bullying
  • insidious traps to lure and exploit them

Your children need your supervision, monitoring and protection. They need to be able to talk with you and learn to make safe, responsible choices with your guidance.

You need to learn some of the basics to help protect and supervise your children. This book and DVD can do that, practically and easily.

About the Book & DVD:

  • A 51 page "how-to" book & DVD (The Internet: The Welcomed Beast)
  • Unrivalled in its clarity, simplicity, and usefulness
  • A step-by-step guide for all parents
  • A focus on preventative measures and common sense instructions
  • Practical tools to help parents supervise their children's Internet activities
  • An excellent resource for parents/teachers regardless of their level of computer knowledge

Special Pricing:

Book only (56 pages) - $8.50 USD/$12.00 CDN.
Book with DVD (~39 minutes) - $12.00 USD/$14.00 CDN.

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Click here for a clip from our DVD (Inappropriate sites).

Click here for a clip from our DVD (Filtering Software).

2. "Love, Marriage, & ... Pornography?"
How the Forbidden Fruit of the Modern-Day Tree of Knowledge is Destroying Our Relationships

A Resource to help fight the Spiritual Battle for Our Sexual Purity and our Souls.

Book & DVD:

  • Thoroughly researched, providing the facts and background that everyone should know in dealing with this pernicious pandemic that is suffocating the moral life of our society.
  • When dealing with sin and addiction, conversion and the grace of the Holy Spirit are ultimately what will set us free!
  • This booklet and/or DVD can help one take the first guided step in becoming FREE realizing they have a problem, the enormity of the problem and where to turn for help!

Special Pricing:

Book (52 pages) - $4.50 USD/$5.00 CDN.
DVD (~7 minutes - An Introduction to the topic) - $4.50 USD/$5.00 CDN.

3. Natural Family Planning
An Introduction for Engaged/Married
Catholic-Christian Lovers

(All proceeds to go to Serena Canada and Serena Ontario)

  • Contains concise, easy-to-read, accurate and up-to-date information on NFP (fully referenced)
  • Includes the Church's teaching on NFP and artificial contraception in understandable language
  • Provides an overview of how NFP works, how and why it greatly benefits the marriage relationship, and includes testimonies from various couples

Special Pricing:

Booklet (32 pages) - $1.50 USD/CDN
DVD* only - $15.00 USD/CDN

*DVD (~ 9 minute introduction, ideal for use with Marriage Preparation or Engaged Encounter courses, counselling sessions or high school classes and a 35 minute full presentation about NFP in great detail - ideal for teachers or as a resource)

4. CYBERsitter® - Top-rated Internet Filtering/Blocking Software Program Now Available through Concerned Cyber Age Parents.

CYBERsitter is a 5 time winner of PC Magazine Editors' Choice award for the best parental filtering software.

This excellent software allows parents to:

  • Block access to undesirable web sites.
  • Record and view all web sites visited.
  • Record both sides of chat conversations from AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger.
  • New Social Networking category provides blocking of popular but potentially dangerous services such as MySpace and Facebook.
  • Filters for selected categories update themselves automatically in the background.
  • Set time restrictions for internet usage.
  • Sends reports to parents by email.
  • Simple to install. Takes less than one minute.
  • Stealthy - cannot be detected or disabled by unauthorized users.

CYBERsitter allows parents to override blocked sites, add their own sites to block, and maintains a detailed log of all Internet activity and violations. It can even send a daily report to parents by e-mail.

See: www.cybersitter.com

Every home computer where children have access to the Internet, NEEDS to have this (or another filtering software of equal, superb quality) installed and used by parents. It is simple, effective, and necessary!

Contact Concerned Cyber Age Parents to inquire about obtaining a copy of CYBERsitter Version 10 at a reduced price.

The book Internet Awareness for Parents and DVD The Internet: The Welcomed Beast explains why it is so important to use a filtering/blocking software such as CYBERsitter, and visually illustrates how it works.